NOMI Toro 5 pc. Gift Pack

NOMI Toro 5 pc. Gift Pack
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    About NOMI Toro 5 pc. Gift Pack

    The NOMI is the Premier line in the Cuban Stock Cigar Family. The NOMI incorporates the most unique and rare Dominican tobaccos which are put through a vigorously specific aging and fermentation process to ensure absolute perfection before being wrapped in a luscious Dominican Maduro Special Wrapper. The NOMI exhibits a mild to medium with robust, opulent flavors throughout. With an impeccable burn and unparalleled aroma the NOMI is a masterpiece to be savored by all that smoke it. One of a kind cigars.
    Cigar Size:
    6 x 50

    Cigar Wrapper:
    Dark Maduro Special

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