Delicioso Octoberfest 2021 Toro

Delicioso Octoberfest 2021 Toro
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    About Delicioso Octoberfest 2021 Toro

    This flavored cigar is a premium cigar with all long filler, aged in above-ground oak barrels set under the sun of the Dominican Island, with natural ingredients. Weeks later, Deliciosos are rolled using a pure Maduro wrapper. Taste elements are that of caramel, citrus, vanilla and malt. Delicioso comes in traditional cigar sizes and a variety of flavors for every cigar smoker. 
    Taste profile rivals that Acid, CAO, Kong Cigars, Gorilla Finger Cigars, Java and Tatiana.

    Cigar Size:
    6 x 50

    Cigar Wrapper:
    Dark Maduro Special

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