Delicioso Presidente - 5pc or 8pc Sampler

Delicioso Presidente - 5pc or 8pc Sampler
    Price $39.95
    Choose Flavor:
    Vandella Vanilla (Connecticut)
    Rum (Connecticut)
    Cafe Cafe (Connecticut)
    Swiss Chocolate (Connecticut)
    Cuban Bee Honey (Connecticut)
    Black Forest Cherry (Maduro)
    Green Label Mint (Maduro)
    Blue Sea Blueberry (Maduro)
    Mixed Flavor-our choice
    Pack of 5 - $39.95
    Pack of 8 - $59.95

    About Delicioso Presidente - 5pc or 8pc Sampler

    Enjoy a variety of flavor with any of our Delicioso 5 packs! This flavored cigar is a premium cigar with all long filler, aged in above-ground wine barrels set under the sun of the Dominican Island, with natural ingredients.  This secretly-developed technique makes the cigar better than a warm, fresh cake. Delicioso comes in traditional cigar sizes and a variety of flavors for every cigar smoker.
    Flavors: Swiss Chocolate, Cuban Bee Honey, Vandella Vanilla, Rum, Cafe Cafe, Black Cherry (Maduro), Green Label Mint (Maduro) and Blue Sea Blueberry (Maduro) 
    *Photo shows flavor options-actual product is 5 cigars of same flavor*
    Cigar Size:
    7 x 50

    Cigar Wrapper:
    Connecticut / Dominican Maduro Special

    QTY Per Package:
    5 or 8