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    Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor 10ct.

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      SKU: SJQTHUM-10B32
      Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor 10ct.




      Cigar Caddy Travel Humidors are the best, most durable travel humidors on the planet. Whether your hobbies include golfing, boating, hunting, camping or any other outdoor activities, Cigar Caddy is the ideal way to keep your cigars safe from the elements and in prime smoking condition. These waterproof, crushproof portable humidors will keep your cigars moist and fresh for weeks, as they are airtight. These small travel humidors fit perfectly into your golf bag, glove compartment or tackle box. All Cigar Caddy cases are waterproof and are guaranteed to protect cigars to water depths of 100 feet.

      Dimension: 7 7⁄8”w x 4”d x 2 1⁄2”h
      • Cigar Capacity: 10
      • Finish: Black