Delicioso 565 French Cognac - 5pc Sampler

Delicioso 565 French Cognac - 5pc Sampler
    Price $49.95
    French Cognac
    Blue Sea Blueberry French Cognac
    Coffee French Cognac
    Whisky French Cognac
    Green Label Mint French Cognac
    Vandella Vanilla French Cognac

    About Delicioso 565 French Cognac - 5pc Sampler

    Delicioso’s newest addition, the 565 French Cognac is a masterfully crafted, handmade, magnificent combination of 6 exotic flavors infused with French Cognac. The taste profile of these cigars rivals that Drew Estate Acid and L.T. Gorilla Finger cigars. We challenge you to find a better flavored cigar out there!
    Flavors: French Cognac, Blue Sea Blueberry French Cognac, Coffee French Cognac, Whisky French Cognac, Green Label Mint French Cognac and Vandella Vanilla French Cognac.
    Cigar Size:
    5 x 65

    Cigar Wrapper:
    Dominican Maduro Special

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