Delicioso 565 French Cognac 5pc Sampler

Delicioso 565 French Cognac 5pc Sampler
    Price $52.50
    French Cognac
    Blue Sea Blueberry French Cognac
    Coffee French Cognac
    Whisky French Cognac
    Green Label Mint French Cognac
    Vandella Vanilla French Cognac
    Black Cherry French Cognac

    About Delicioso 565 French Cognac 5pc Sampler

    Delicioso’s newest addition, the 565 French Cognac is a masterfully crafted, handmade, magnificent combination of 6 exotic flavors infused with French Cognac. The taste profile of these cigars rivals that Drew Estate Acid and L.T. Gorilla Finger cigars. We challenge you to find a better flavored cigar out there!
    Flavors: French Cognac, Blue Sea Blueberry French Cognac, Coffee French Cognac, Whisky French Cognac, Green Label Mint French Cognac and Vandella Vanilla French Cognac.
    Cigar Size:
    5 x 65

    Cigar Wrapper:
    Dominican Maduro Special

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