Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Humidifier

Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Humidifier
    Price $144.95

    About Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Humidifier

    Dimensions: Length: 7” Width: 2.5” Height: 1”
    Capacity: 50- 100 cigar desktop humidors (up to 1.5 cubic feet)

    The Cigar Oasis ULTRA 3.0 is the most attractive and efficient humidifier for the small-midsize desktop
    The Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 was designed to mount on the lid of the humidor (or on or under a tray) with
    minimum space requirements. It is factory set to 70% but can be set to your taste. The sensor is
    constantly active and blowing out the cleanest humidity as needed. The unit comes with a pretreated
    and prefilled water cartridge that uses distilled water only (average refill time is 4-8 weeks) It accurately
    monitors the humidity and uses a quiet fan to circulate the air in the humidor eliminating “musty” odors
    so common in well-sealed humidors.
    The Cigar Oasis ULTRA 3.0 now has built in Smart Humidor® Wi-Fi which allows users to adjust and
    monitor humidity remotely from any iOS or Android smart device with a subscription.